Turmeric 250g (Dried & Ground)

Turmeric 250g (Dried & Ground)


Ground turmeric powder packed in 250g pack

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Turmeric (ground) is a spice that comes from the root of a plant, but dried and ground into powder, it’s a member of the ginger family and It stains easily.

so, make sure it doesn’t get to your clothing.

Whether it’s turmeric (ground) or the fresh roots, the health benefits are great.

These are some benefits of turmeric

1. It reduces inflammation

For conditions where inflammation starts to affect some parts of your body, taking turmeric may be beneficial.

2. It improves memory

A research showed that turmeric helped to improve memory performance in adults

3. It reduces pain

Turmeric has deep roots in Chinese traditional medicine for treating pains around the joints in the leg

4. It helps to slows down aging

Turmeric helps to slow down the aging process in human

5. Improvement of liver functions

Turmeric ground or fresh may also help to improve the way our liver functions and also helps in keeping us away from some type of cancers.

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