About Us


organichaive is an online market for fresh natural food produces, natural/herbal made cosmetics and other organic grocery items. Our fresh, healthy and natural foods which includes vegetables, fruits, fishes, organic snacks, oils and seafoods are carefully sourced from the most hygenic environment and meets all quality and safety standard.

organichaive’s core objective is to encourage whole food plant based diets in our daily food consumption & also the general wellness of our body both inwardly & outwardly, but 75% of our focus is more on what goes into our body, because when the inside is completely taken care of, the wellness from the inside will naturally reflect on the outside without much work.

We are what we eat and what we eat should not just be about eating balanced diet, it’s rather about eating the correct amount of quality diet from the right and healthier sources.

At organichaive, we encourage the reduction of processed and animal based diets to begin a transition to a healthier whole food plant based diets.

Diseases such as cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, heart diseases, obesity, e.t.c will be far from us if our daily food consumption becomes at least 80% plant based.

abt3Organichaive was established in January 2016 with the aim and vision to become one of Nigeria’s best online retailer of fresh natural foods, natural and herbal made cosmetics and groceries with the implementation of best possible practices both online and offline.
Initially, we started with 2 employees in January 2016, but we have grown rapidly in recent time.

abt4We presently have good number of young and entrepreneurial Nigerians working together to achieve our goal by delivering high quality products to Nigerians and Lagos residents in particular.

At inception, we did an average delivery of 3 orders in a week, but today, we process and deliver several orders weekly while achieving a same-day-delivery within Lagos for most of our fresh food orders.

abt2 For now, we can only ship and deliver few NON perishable items to some addresses outside Lagos, but all our fresh food produces, fishes, seafoods, vegetables and fruits are delivered ONLY to Lagos addresses and to some addresses within the outskirt of Lagos, but we are expanding and also working hard to cover more cities Nationwide in the nearest future.

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